# Configuration

To start configuring the module, click the configuration button

# Units

In the main configuration page, you can configure the units that the module can display.

Each unit has a name and a symbol (the symbol is optional)

# Groups

You can regroup fields in the product page to make the customization easier and clearer.
Start by creating the necessary groups in the main configuration page of the module

Each group has a label and a name

The label is displayed to the customer if the Show label option is enabled

The name is only used if you want to target the group using a custom CSS code

.dp_group_[name] {
  /* style the group */

The next step is to configure the groups for any product of your choice

The groups will be displayed like this in the product page

# Common fields

Shows the list of common fields.

# Favorite fields

Shows the list of favorite fields.

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