# Troubleshooting

The module has a a troubleshooting page to fix common problems, to access this page, open the main configuration page of the module then click the Troubleshooting button

# The module is not displayed

Sometimes, the module gets removed from a necessary hook such as the hook which displays the fields in the product page.
This usually occurs after installing or activating a new theme.

To fix this, you can restore the module hooks like this:

The module will then restore the hooks and show this confirmation

You can also restore the module hooks in the Design > Positions page.

# The customization is not formatted correctly

By default, PrestaShop does not display a customization that contains HTML content, so instead of the customization summary, the HTML code will be displayed.

To fix this, apply the template fixes in the troubleshooting page

The module will display this confirmation if the fix was applied successfully


Clear the PrestaShop cache after applying the template fix

The customization will be displayed like this

Last Updated: 4/21/2021, 12:37:35 PM