# Troubleshooting

The module has a troubleshooting page where you can easily fix common problems.

To access the troubleshooting page, open the main configuration page of the module, then click the following button.

# The module is not displayed

In some cases, the module gets removed by the theme from some essential hooks.

To restore it, select the available hooks then restore them like this

This confirmation should be displayed

# The customized summary is not formatted properly

If the summary is not displayed correctly, you can fix the templates in the troubleshooting page.

Scroll down to the template fix section, then click the apply button

The module will display this confirmation if the templates were fixed correctly


After applying the template fix, clear the PrestaShop cache for the fix to have effect.

The customization should then be displayed correctly like this

Last Updated: 4/21/2021, 12:37:35 PM