# Downloads

The module allows you to download several files in order to produce the design.

# SVG Download

You can download the production SVG from the backoffice order page or from the carts page

The module will display each design summary like this

Click the button to download the SVG file and the files that are related to the design in a single zip archive.

The zip will contain different folders for the different design sides

Opening the SVG files

To open the SVG files, you need to use inkscape (opens new window) because it's the only program that is compatible with browsers in terms of SVG support.

You can also use inkscape to convert the SVG to PDF if you want to open them in other programs like Corel or illustrator.

# PDF Download

To be able to download PDF files directly from the backoffice, you need to install inkscape 1.0 or newer on your server.

The reason for requiring inkscape 1.0 or newer, is that it's the only version of inkscape that supports SVG embedded fonts.

# Inkscape installation

To install inkscape, you need access to a terminal to allow you to execute the following commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install inkscape

Then check the inkscape version like this

inkscape --version
# The version should be something like this:
# Inkscape 1.0.1 (3bc2e813f5, 2020-09-07)

Please ask your hosting service or webmaster for assistance regarding the installation of inkscape on the server.

# Using docker

If you can't install inkscape 1.0 on your system, try using it from a docker container.

The module will pull this image in the background: uvarc/inkscape:1.0

The command that the module will execute is roughly:

docker run -i -v /var/www/html/designer:/var/www/html/designer uvarc/inkscape:1.0 /usr/bin/inkscape "/var/www/html/designer/designer/output/18-design18/0-side0/design-18-0.svg" --export-type=pdf
# /var/www/html/designer being the PrestaShop root dir in this case

If you get a permission error, try adding the www-data user to the docker group.

sudo usermod -aG docker www-data
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