Working with SVG files

The module supports SVG files which are useful for creating a vector output.
To be able to upload SVG files in the backoffice and also allow your customers to upload their SVG files,
you need to download the inkscape library and extract it in the “tools” folder in the root of your PrestaShop installation.
Normally, the inkscape library uses an external service to convert the uploaded file to PNG.
But you can install inkscape on your server in order to have a better performance.
If you can access a terminal on your server, you can execute this command to install inkscape.

You may need to ask your hosting service to install inkscape for you if possible.
The module needs to convert to PNG in order to be able to render a preview for the customer.
It’s recommended to open the SVG output file in Inkscape as it presents the best support & compatibility for SVG designs.

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