Installing/Upgrading a module

Creating a full backup (files + database) before updating a module is highly recommended
When updating the module, do not reset it or delete it! You will lose all data!


After updating a module, please empty the PrestaShop cache in the Performance page if you have Smart Cache enabled

Smart cache combines your javascript files into one file, and this file will only be updated/refreshed when you empty the PrestaShop cache


Here are the steps to follow in order to upgrade a module

  1. Open the Modules page
  2. Upload the module zip by clicking on
  3. Clear the PrestaShop cache in the Performance page (if you have Smart Cache enabled)
  4. Clear the browser cache
  5. Check if the module still needs an upgrade in the modules manager page (reload the page to be sure)

Upgrading a module will not delete your old data, it will only update the files and add new fields in the database if necessary

If you have modified a file in the module, make sure to backup your shop files & database before upgrading the module

Generally, it’s always recommended to create a full backup before upgrading an important module, just to be sure

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