Advanced configuration

In this page you can change the advanced configuration of the module.

When this option is enabled, the module will tell the browser to cache the page html and serve it next time the page is visited. This will lead to a very fast load on the client side.

Then the module will check with the server, in the background, if the page needs refreshing and if so the page will rapidly reload and show the latest up to date version of the page.

Images Lazyloading means to load images after styles and scripts when a user requests your page.

Additionally, the module won’t load images that are not in the view (for example, images in the bottom of the page).

These images will only be loaded when the user scrolls down.

This feature will make your pages load faster and will also give you a better PageSpeed score.

Inlining css means to include some css files directly in the html response of your page.

When this is enabled, the module will inline css files that are smaller than 1KB.

This will reduce http requests and improve load speed as well as increase PageSpeed score.

This feature will make your shop only load necessary css at first then postpone the rest.

For example, it’s not necessary to load the css of the bottom of the page immediately when a user request your page.

On the other hand, it’s necessary to load the css of the top (above the fold) immediately so the user won’t have an un-styled view.

For more information check the Async CSS section

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