Use cases

Here are some useful use cases for the module

Price by area

If you’d like to get a cost per area, create three fields like so:

Field names: width, length, unit_price

Field types: Numeric, Numeric, Unit Price

Formula: [width] * [height] * [unit_price]

The unit_price field is not necessary, you can put a numeric value directly inside the formula

Formula: [width] * [height] * 10

Dropdown options values

The dropdown field can contain many options and each option can have a value

The value of the dropdown field is the value of selected option, so you can use the dropdown field directly inside the formula like so


Condition formula:

It’s also the same for using the dropdown option in the Grids or Intervals tab, always think of the dropdown value as the value of the selected option

Hiding/Showing a dropdown option

In the Conditions tab, you can show/hide a dropdown option based on the value of other fields

Simply click on the config icon

Using a checkbox inside the formula

The value of the checkbox is either 1 or 0, so you can use it directly inside your formula like this

Formula: … + [checkbox] * 10

This formula adds 10 when the checkbox is checked

You can also use it with a unit_price field for example

Formula: … + [checkbox] * [unit_price]


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